Climate Literacy and Outreach


Narrative I wrote about the feeling of solastalgia on a California road trip for Smith College magazine Emulate (see page 37!)

Teaching Change: The Importance of Climate Communication

Article I wrote for the SPS Observer on the importance of climate literacy across fields, and of my climate change education at Smith College

Comatose in Climate Catastrophe

Perspective I wrote on the psychological distance of climate change for The Climate Change Debate: A Reference Handbook by David E. Newton (not open access)

Climate Literacy Research

Blog post I wrote translating my paper on climate literacy in adult education programs to a general audience

Climate Change Concentration

Local news article on a Smith program I was involved in, the Climate Change Concentration

Hilltowns Municipal Vulnerability Program

Article covering a project I did with a team of Smith students on human climate migration. We compiled and presented our research to four nearby Western Massachusetts hilltowns as they prepared for the statewide Municipal Vulnerability Program.


CUWiP 2020 at Yale

Yale news report on the Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics (CUWiP) 2020 at Yale

LIGO SURF 2019 Final Report

Reports and presentation for my LIGO SURF 2019 project, Observing and Modeling Ultracompact Binaries Detectable by LISA